About the Artist

Zulie Art is created by an artist named Mary Zulieme Charlton.  The heading "Zulie Art" is a reference to her middle name.

Mary Z has been formally painting since 1976. She studied art with many teachers while pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy. She stopped working as an Occupational Therapist in 2013.  She is now in her planned sweet spot living her creative process through art and music. Current paintings are expressions of movement, emotion, color and memory. She considers herself to grow surfaces. What has occurred before in the layers peeks through the surface. Each canvas presents a evolving process were the destination is unknown and where the results are often felt on a deep level. All forms are organically inspired by nature.  

Her earlier painting were more narrative in nature.  For the last 5 years her focus has been on non-objective painting. Many surfaces are constructed and reconstructed. She has a series of vertical paintings 6”x6’, which she considers accent panels as they can fit in small areas.

Mary lives in Chatham County N.C. and joined Chatham County Art Guild in 2015. She is on the Chatham County Art Tour during the first two weekends in December. Come and visit!

See this website for more information about the Art Tour she participates in.

Mary Charlton's photo

Mary Charlton's photo